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IGCSE Topic wise Classified Past Papers

IGCSE Topic wise Classified Past Papers









Classified Papers for IGCSE

Also called as Topic wise IGCSE Past Papers or Topical Past Papers or Chapter wise IGCSE  Past Papers, these papers  provide questions for every topic and make learning easier. As of date there are many websites that give you topic questions for many many subjects. One needs to buy them from websites that offer quality. Now you will wonder  how can there be a difference in quality of Past Papers. This you will know only when you compare the past papers of any website with those available at Smart Exam Resources [ Do them especially for Science and Math Subjects and more so, for theory and Alternative to Practical Papers]

Also, some sites like ours provide you with topic- wise solutions too. This helps the newbies to understand the language of the mark schemes.

So, now the question is do you really need them? Well yes. Because that the only way to master application based questions

Next, people always ask " When is the right time to begin solving IGCSE Past Papers?" The answer is again very simple" Just begin solving after every single topic is taught" This way, you will know exactly what you are missing in framing your answers and you will master the technique of using the correct vocabulary too.

Remember, schools do not create their own set of questions. And hence when you practice questions and if same questions are used to create your exam paper, you ace your exams. But thats false pleasure. The real challenge lies in solving say around 10 questions and hen being able to solve another 10 questions perfectly well!

Well, so summing up, it may be said that it is a " Must" to solve chapter-wise past papers for practice. But Being happy that you aced your exams as you got the same set of questions in your school exams is not  something to be happy about.

So while solving IGCSE Past Papers, it is important to understand the techniques of solving Past paper Questions and the way marks are alotted. This will help you to understand the way the assessment board functions and  make you much more confident.

So , getting a 100% in an exam which had the questions that you had solved before is less better than getting a 50% after solving unknown questions. Initially you might be disheartened, but gradual practice will help you enhance your performance for sure and you will simply not pass your exams but you will be saved from a miserable performance and will be surely heading towards acing your exams.