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igcse questions and answers

IGCSE questions and answers

IGCSE is an application-based curriculum.

Merely cramming the concepts cannot get you good grades.

You need to solve a large number of topic questions and answers using the correct vocabulary and as per the requirements of the Cambridge Mark Schemes

But it so happens most of the times that students and parents do not know how to interpret the markscheme.

In most cases, the tutors are not Cambridge trained and qualified teachers and hence do not have the correct classroom experience. Neither have they formally assessed students. Hence guidance from such tutors hinders the performance of the students.

At times, trained qualified tutors are available, but tey are very expensive.

So ultimately, the student is left  helpless  for long. In certain cases, he never receives the correct help.

Hence we have created a complete free section of solved past papers for students of  Cambridge IGCSE Physics/ Chemistry/Math/Biology where we offer answers to past paper questions .

Recently, we have also stated a special video section, in which we solve the topic wise and the year wise past paper questions for kids.

The benefit of this is students not only get topic wise past paper questions for IGCSE for more than 11 subjects, but they also get the help in paper solutions for IGCSE Physics/Chemistry/Math/Biology.

Our site has year wise solved past exam papers for IGCSE. These are especially helpful when students are trying to solve complete IGCSE past papers before their mocks and boards.

Our specially created past paper solutions have benefitted teachers new to Cambridge as well as parents and tutors who are struggling to get help for their child.

These quality paper solutions in addition to being in-expensive, also are 100% reliable as they have been prepared by subject experts with rich experience in teaching the particular subject in reputed IGCSE Schools.

 We advise students to solve IGCSE past paper questions topic wise as and when topics are taught to you. Then towards the year end go for the IGCSE past paper solutions year wise. You need to solve at least 10-12 years of IGCSE past papers to gain mastery and improve your grades.

Remember all cannot get the  A-stars or cannot be world toppers. We all understand that each child can score up to his/ her maximum potential. But with the right kind of resources, acing your exams is possible for all.


0625-CAIE-IGCSE-Physics Solved Past Papers.

Solved past papers from 2004 to the most recent years as a part of yearly membership at : 

IGCSE 0620-Chemistry Solved Past Papers

0620-CAIE-IGCSE-Chemistry Solved Past Papers.

Solved past papers from 2004 to the most recent years as a part of yearly membership at : 

0580-CAIE-IGCSE-Mathematics Solved Past Papers.

Solved past papers from 2004 to the most recent years as a part of yearly membership at : 

Classified Past Papers


Click on our new website below to get access to solved copies for:

0620-IGCSE Chemistry

0610-IGCSE Biology

0580-IGCSE Mathematics

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List of  CAIE-IGCSE Subjects for Online Membership:

0625-IGCSE Physics


0610-IGCSE Biology

0580-IGCSE Mathematics

0606-Additional Mathematics

0607-Cambridge International Math

0450-IGCSE Economics

With so many websites now offering IGCSE Study resources, which one would u choose? Well only the one that has quality and quantity both. At Smart Exam Resources, All resources are designed by experts in their unique ways. So  join thousands of happy IGCSE Students and get closer to scoring  to your highest potential.

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IGCSE Chemistry Videos

  • IGCSE Chemistry Videos covering the complete syllabus for IGCSE Chemistry are available as a part of the yearly membership.
  • The videos  are valid for 2023 /2024/2025 IGCSE Chemistry Exams.
  • So, no need to go for expensive coaching any longer.


Here is the  few sample videos of the actual members area for Chemistry:

Topic Chemical Energetics: Bond making and Bond Breaking: